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Hello everyone. For your viewing pleasure we present you our North Thailand adventures in an “extremely” professional infographic!

If you are interested in any specific stop on our route – below you can find pictures for more detail and understanding. :)


The best way to get around in downtown Bangkok - Little racing boats with fearless ticket collectors!

In Bangkok’s Sukumvit area you can buy everything you need and more. Or get your teeth cleaned :)


Like real Dutchies we grabbed bicycles to get around the ancient capital city of Ayutthaya.

One of the most well known pictures taken here, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful.

We are not the only ones who have some culture on the agenda, so did around 100 pink dressed schoolgirls!

Adding a new type of transport to the list – the overnight train to Chiang Mai was actually quite comfortable! Michael almost fitted in the bed too.

Chiang Mai

It’s always the things you don’t have that you miss – a little house of our own for a while, bags completely unpacked and rum + coke on our own balcony. What’s not to like? :)

Chiang Mai is a city of temples. One is even bigger and shinier than the other! This one had some gold on it.

Filling our bellies on the local night market became a tradition. Lots of ausbauching afterwards!

Important parts of Thai culture are even more interesting when they involve a lot of blood. Nice fights with even a ladyboy throwing punches and kicks (fixed outcome though).

We used our time in Chiang Mai well by learning the noble art of Thai massage from the masters in three days. Ready to crack some backs!


Beautiful Pai lies between the green mountains and rice fields close to the border with Myanmar. If you are not a hippie when you come here, you might be when you leave :) Also don’t forget to bring your scooter!

The grand canyon of Pai, a bit smaller than it’s US cousin. Also Michael needs a haircut.

Another year sneaked up on us making it five together already. Time flies and loving every minute of it! :)

We are off to play some giant poker game now. Talk to you next time when we continue our adventure and meet some very big grey friends!

Michael & Isabella

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